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The aim and purpose of this Web site is it to inform and educate the general public on the subject of Nri Kingdom. It shines light on the origin of the kingdom, the title called Nri, who are Nri, geographical location of true and only Nri and how the kingdom had influenced the neighboring communities. It also discussed how the British colonial government and christian missionaries succeeded in minimizing the Kingdom’s sphere of influence. However, despite the western influence, the Igbos still have a culture which has transcended through generations and Nri Kinkgdom is still the cornerstone of the Igbo culture. Some of the Igbo cultures covered by this site ranges from birth rituals, death rituals, marriage rituals, Kingship, ozo titles, chieftaincy, governing councils, age grades, sports (wrestling), agriculture, abomination avoidance and cleansing, family values, extended family system (Umunna), women groups, girls groups, boys groups, Men groups, masquerades, dances, trade and commerce, land tittles, Kolanut breaking (communion), religion, festivals, architecture etc.


The information contained on the nrikingdom.com web site is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as political or as an effort to rewrite history on any subject matter. This web site contains information from or references to authorities on the Nri Kingdom subject matter and may not reflect current developments or information. It must be noted that references will be made to earlier authors like Thomas Northcote(1913) and M. D. W. Jeffreys (1934) who had transverced Igboland in the early 19th century researching on the anthropology of the area. M. A. Onwuejeogwu's (1981) work painted a clear picture of Nri.


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